Welcome to this transmission on the

freedom, creative expansion, vitality, harmony, abundance & bliss

that is all-of-our Living Right!

“A rich person can buy what they want. A poor person makes their wealth by means of creativity”

Musa Dağdeviren

This quote is at the core of the ‘concept’ of this Living In Gift transmission. I heard this beautiful wisdom through a mainstream documentary about this Turkish chef, who’d gone back to his roots to learn the True Alchemy of working with Real Food.

It’s not just a neat soundbite: this is a direct transmission of indigenous wisdom, to the Whole Ready Being, waiting to be activated!

It’s a beauty-full example of how a ripe Living Woman or Man can receive Activation by another already-Activated Living Man or Woman. We switch each other on, and we build energy exponentially, through each other – through words, simple actions, sacred shared moments and Gifts…

When we’re immersed in consumerism and what is effectively slave conditioning*, we see all solutions as transaction – which is a form of polemic, friction, a war even! We become profoundly disconnected from our own capacity to touch and feel things, to make things, to find the genius solutions and spontaneous miracles that are supposed to be unfolding!

We head to the nearest shop/ website/ agency, expending vast amounts of energy and resources to ‘acquire’ an object or service to ‘get rid of’ the ‘symptom’ that is masking our True, Natural Need. And so we don’t get our Need met! We get the crumbs, the mimickery of the Solution that we Need for, thus we don’t gain the Bliss-Full Completion that The Universe had so beautifully laid out for us.

This series of Sharings holds Intention for us all to step out of this conditioned disconnect and bonded transaction, and to embrace our True Nature of Living in Divine Creative Flow. We’re right now collectively awakening our Innate Power to relate with the world Energetically, and we’re re-building our Relationship With All Things. The Vision behind these Sharings, is that we all Support Each Other, through the Gift of Our Inimitable Biodiverse Nature, To Grow Into A Bliss-Full Deeper Reality than the one that we’re currently suffering and striving within.

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