Hi! Welcome to the School of Real Art blog + podcast for May.

Here’s this month’s podcast on creating from our core… Why this is so important, because of what we can access when we work from the centre, rather than trying to navigate our creative path via outer resources.

Read on after, for news about the School of Real Art…

This month is exciting!

The first NEW RSOA videos are being released via clare artista on Patreon!


The school now has a fresh format and stable roots in the practical-mystical, and will be unfolding weekly, with all the new content available via Patreon, and the whole school available as a package later this year.

There are also two new sets of creative inspiration podcasts to whet your appetite for the school:

WOMAN, ART, MONEY is a series of 10 podcasts, each around 10 to 25 mins, going into some of the deeper and practical concerns of art and money; how we work as artists and thrive financially, by understanding the complexity and underlying energy of money. The series goes into why we struggle so, and reveals some of the biggest-but-ridiculously-simple secrets around how to access a truly enduring power in our work and lives as creative folk. This course costs $30.

THE CREATIVE INSPIRATION PODCAST SERIES is a set of 13 short talks on how we can all thrive creatively – modern life isn’t always the most conducive to making, imagining, expressing ourselves – so here are a set of inspiring guidelines around how we get over blocks and distractions, and get into the depth of our own unique creative flow. However mysterious or labyrinthine the artist’s path might seem from the outside, almost all aspects of the happy creative life are incredibly simple to pursue: it’s all about pleasure, fulfilment, and just doing it. This course costs $20 UNTIL THE END OF THIS WEEK, when it’ll go up to $30.


As ever; any Qs about the school, the lessons, signing up, etc just comment below this post… I’m always nearby!



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