Hi! Welcome to the School of Real Art podcast and blog, this expansive July!

This month’s talk is about positive thinking – but it’s not the usual blahblah on how everything will be alright if you just hammer enough happy thoughts into your brain…!


Of course, positive thinking, loving attention, happy thoughts – these are all incredibly important aspects of our well-being – and we should cultivate them where possible.

However, jolly synapses alone cannot make us fulfilled, and they also will not draw abundance to us. To think that life is that simple, is to fall down a rabbit hole of superficial success and deepest disappointment.

If you want to have a seriously creative life, you need to know what expansion really is, so that you can grow into your own unique potential, but most ‘positive thinking’ or new age openness is essentially about aiming for others’ ideals.

I’m going to introduce you to the hard work and dedicated attention that is vital to bringing your inimitable brightness into being.

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