Hi and welcome to The School Of Real Art – and our podcast this month on intuitive art and interconnectedness:

Our world is compartmentalised and detached in so many ways; from our language to our bodies, our politics and our environment, our values and (our lack of) sense of responsibility – our relationship with the world is conditioned from before birth to be disharmonious.

Many of us spend a great deal of our waking life pondering on how we can bring more harmony, more synchrony, in to our life; there are whole philosophies and new age movements based around this. And yet, it’s all so fricking illusive, eh?

In fact, the tools for bringing our state of consciousness into The Flow – for realigning -are already within us and around us – just about everyone has access to a pencil and paper, to get started…


I’m very excited, as mentioned in the podcast, to be reshaping The SORA right now – to have a completely fresh perspective and new work-space to be creating it in. My health has been very problematic this year, but I’m on top of it now, and making great progress, and already excited about setting up new videos and course pages.

In the meantime – keep in touch – go sign up for your free courses – or see the longer courses and sets of podcasts that you can purchase – it’s all over on Teachable.

So much creative inspiration and well-being to you,




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