So there’s currently a huge online phenomenon of creative people vying for space, and trying to draw the maximum attention to themselves… emphasis on the word ‘trying’, because social media seems saturated right now with folks pushing themselves out there in an effort to make the insignificant seem powerfully important, and without any real focus on the timing and direction of their message – seeking to be authentic, but perhaps rushing into that ‘authenticity’ because they’re essentially following the consumer, busy-ness model.

There is great skill in being seen, in being visible, in a way that really works for us… AND there is great skill in finding our hidden, safe space – which I feel strongly that all creatives can benefit from, but that particularly sensitive, intuitive, whole women need in order to be well. When we know how to retreat well, we can cultivate a far greater presence – rather than becoming the irate artist who never rests, and who builds up such a tense state, that they resent anyone disturbing their work…


I’m coming to the end of a long period of also having been stuck in the hamster wheel of ‘effortful attention grabbing’. I’ve been following trains of thought around business and online presence that stress the push and pull, and the breenging* ahead.

This approach is promoted so ubiquitously and so fully, because it aligns with the hunt-and-catch masculine activity of the transaction, the purchase, the consumption.

It doesn’t however align with the organic, the seasonal and harmonious, the intuitive and/ or the attracting power of the deep feminine. It asks us to take our deep creative power and to pedal it, to auction it off to whoever is hungriest for it – to put what-should-be-sacred on show for all and to raise our voices to draw attention to it, rather than nurturing it gently so that it naturally, effortlessly attracts the right audience.

Essentially, we’re encouraged to use sneaky manipulative techniques – ‘you need this’, ‘this is the deeper you’, your life is dull and boring without this’, ‘you must buy this now, or you will miss your chance’ – putting pressure on our clients to consume quick, grab quick.

Marry this with the changing algorithms of social media, which favour the bold and outward, the skilled hunter and manipulator, rather than the deep and meaningful…
I’m not suggesting that this is such a terrible approach, but I am saying that it’s not right for many of us – and that it’s leading to loads of clunky, unsuccessful, burned-out folks, who are sinking deeper into the heavy murk of their own muddy scenarios… That this approach essentially isn’t getting many of us seen or heard by the people who actually want to see and hear us, NOR is it getting across what we actually – deeply – want to express and communicate.

The deep and the meaningful come through slowing down, through listening to the moment, and from our using our fullness-of-being as our compass. By its very nature, the sacred simply cannot come from the front lobe consciousness alone: it has to come from the profoundly, wholly felt, and from the interconnected and aligned.

Making the deep and the meaningful visible, is about how we create a gateway – be that e.g. a soundbite, meme, painting, workshop, school – for others to see what we are seeing, to feel what we are feeling: to enter with us into a new, larger perspective and understanding. It can’t be achieved by simply revving up where we are right now, by talking louder and making fancy statements.

Meaningfulness has to be accessed by first de-cluttering the surface in order to delve inwards – by being humble and listening to the universe, so that we can actually hear what it is uniquely sharing with us – by hearing what the universe wants us to manifest in this world – what it needs us to share, that will help the world right now.

Meaningfulness is NOT achieved by encouraging the spaghetti tangle of what our small ego-mind says our projected abstraction of the collective conscious wants to hear! If we don’t dedicate significant time to NOT being inundated with silliness and superficial stimulation (and take a break from putting stuff like that out ourselves!) we simply won’t be able to hear the quiet voice, the deeper beat, the subtle-monumental alchemy of domesticity…

The ‘doing’ of making the art, of being creative, is as much about the emptiness of doing nothing, of inactivity, of rumination and reflection, of gestation and digestion – it needs its perfect opposite – the yin needs the yang – the day needs the night, etc… The feminine, the whole woman, and the deep intuitive all need periods of real rest, of privacy and silence, of communing with nature and the mystical, in order to recharge, to be able to even harvest our energy.  

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Be well, be creative, be your own immense creative potential,


*A Scottish word, meaning pushing ahead unnaturally, with too much gusto, unnecessarily effortfully.


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