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Hi – welcome to The SORA podcast learning to live creatively like you really mean it!

This month we’re discussing Work versus Passivity.

The podcast talks about how we can get ourselves out of the modern version of the rat race, by harmonising our yin-yang – finding peace with our inner feminine and masculine, so that our relationship with the world is maximised creatively.

Though this might sound more abstract than it could, it’s important to know the depths to which we’re conditioned into being in conflict – within ourselves, and with the world around us.

It’s not that binary thinking – boy-girl, man-woman, black-white, us-them – is inherently no good, it’s that we use ‘thinking of things as opposites of each other’ essentially to condone all kinds of conflict and violence.

art brings harmony

Instead of thinking ‘both/ and’, we use every situation in which there’s any kind of difference at all, to pitch one against the other: either/ or: one has to be right, one has to be wrong – one has to be good or bad, one has to win and one has to lose, and so on.

This kind of mental warring – and it really is a kind of internal war – makes us see all kinds of external conflict around us as ‘right’ and even ‘good’.

It says that someone must always be on top, and so someone must always be on the bottom – and this becomes scaled up to global proportions – country versus country, us versus the planet…

Which is all based on an immature stage of our human evolution: we’re stuck in child mode, without the depth and long-term vision that a grown-up should have.

We’re being called to action, we see all around us the state of the world, the pain that we’re all in, and yet, we carry on as if that is nothing to do with us….

So what can we do?

Make art.

It might seem like the most frivolous of activities, in the face of global economic-political-environmental-spiritual chaos BUT that thinking is another aspect of our conflicted conditioning.

Art in fact brings harmony, because it allows us to put in front of ourselves whatever is going on inside – it instantly makes flow, and it immediately shows us what’s really happening (which is often subtly different from what the logical brain is surmising!) – and so brings our awareness into it: the first step in profound change. Art brings oneness: it brings all things together, which slowly, gently, eases us out of polemical thinking, and into harmony.

When was the last time you approached a pure creative act and let yourself be immersed in it? If it was a long time ago, you likely will need some stimulus and perhaps even some guidance to keep you connected with what you’re doing.

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Be well, be creative, be your own immense creative potential,



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