NOTE: Below is an earlier iteration of this final chapter (that I decided to leave here), which may provide useful pointers for those struggling to exit mainstream, tyranny, and/or the poor-weak-small consciousness so prevelant in this particular period of settling-into-new.

There might never have been a collective activation like is happening right now on our beautiful Gaia-Sophia. This may be the first time in our evolution that we’re All consciously (or less consciously) both manifesting a truly shared reality, and initiating a quantum shift in direction.

Though it might appear on the surface/ in the ‘mainstream’ that we’re descending even-more-profoundly into the fear-tension-pain spiral, there is a potent counter-movement of Living Men and Women, who are waking up to the direction we were collectively moving in… And who embody the Solution and Remedies to all our ills, from our perceived ‘health’ ‘crisis’ to environmental armageddon to our psychosis around our True Identity.

This chapter of Living In Gift has a lot of material to digest, so please do take it very slowly if this info is new to you, stay grounded and centred, keep rested-relaxed-nourished…

Note that in this module there are no worksheets or exercises;

the ongoing work is in the list below of research links –

gateways into dismantling the current illusion that

we are at war with Nature, Self and Each Other.

intro to this section

In this section of the Transmission, I’m going to address some of the core issues around this (‘post covid agenda’) time, and to offer some actually manifestable solutions which will lead to remedy and better future for us all.

Please be aware that my practical wisdom in alignment with the mystical, involves pulling away veils that obscure the nature of our systems and structures – including those perpetuated within ourselves. If it comes as a shock to you that our current political-economic-medical agenda is neither a benign nor a necessary structure (nor designed to support our living or our thriving)… well, just be prepared, and take it slowly. Do your research outwith the mainstream, and question everything.

the world ‘crisis’, the nature of the system, and our part in it all
the complex journey from here to really H E R E!

This video by the inimitable Mark Passio delves into the living torture of our distorted inner and outer worlds, which are the very fuel for the current global health-power-security-stability ‘crisis’. Mark’s work speaks to the bondage that we’ve been participating in for centuries, which is a powerful force of enlightenment in where we go next!

I’m also sharing here an extensive list of practical links that are mentioned in the videos – which can support our individual and collective eye-mind-heart-spirit expanding.

These are not ideas to rest into, but to inform a more dynamic and Life-Focussed path.

The Remedy to much of what’s suppressing our very Being lies in our being able to more deeply and fully comprehend the nature of the structures that we lean on – so we can pull ourselves out of uninformed (and for the greater part coerced) consent to them.

As small an action as it might seem to be, removing ourselves from un-informed consent is one of the most effective world-changing tools that we possess.

Our Free Will alongside our deeply-widely Informed Mind are the most powerful forces when loosened from their shackles: collectively we have the potential to effortlessly rise, symbiotically with all things, rather then exhausting ourselves (as we’ve been doing up to now) in effortfull resistance, deconstruction and reconstruction.

There is a great deal of work going on within tribunals worldwide, to bring down the plandemic – here’s a very informative and hopeful video over on LBRY – Reiner Fuellmich, David Martin and team, in a deposition around ‘big pharma manufactured illusion of corona’

This is a podcast around how we can move from mainstream to decentralised, which goes into some of the spiritual integration that’s happening on planet Earth these days: click to visit on

Below is a link to my podcast, which you can also listen to via my mailing list, my Patreon, or on decentralised platforms and Aureal.


Most Beautiful Soul Friend, Here is a podcast – linked to my earlier blog… speaking to our current ‘health’ ‘crisis’ (which is very much not  what we are being told it is) and the remedy of this model proceeding of the Grand Jury. My sharings are now deleted and censored on Youtube and Spotify, so I will not be publishing there again: follow me via the links page of my website. Blessings! :clare
  2. Courage – Living from Heart and Wholeness
  3. Pleasure
  4. Today I Felled A Tree
  5. Feeling
the open-ended ending

There are many collectives of living women and men actively Working and Be-ing around the world, all resonating around similar representations of Divine Freedom, Sovereignty and Responsibility.

But you must do your research around what Sovereignty means to you – ground it always in what you KNOW – what you Wholly Feel most deeply-widely-highly as True.

There are many cul-de-sacs and tempting ‘easy paths to freedom’ in the current climate – including whacky herbal remedies, shitloads of paperwork, joining a saviour-ed community and/ or getting all cerebral about it! However, our Real growth holistically and spiritually, is our own inimitable path, which is an absolutely essential contribution to Our Collective Expansion.

Calling us all to expansion into our shared light,

positive energy, divinity and possibility!

Soooo much love, light, so many blessings and so much beauty to you – may your path into Gift be effortless and abundant in every sense!

With Much Much Love


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