Aaaah – there’s so much gunk in the mainstream about what we have to do to manifest our dreams – but often it’s tangled up in presumptions about material possessions and economic success, and it leaves out important aspects of the equation… like our environmental responsibilities and what’s best for everyone and everything else (not just our ego!)

So here I’m speaking to some more subtle areas of ‘following signs’. I’m really passionate about how we gently place ourselves, poised and firmly-footed, on the wave of synchrony: the wide horizon of our dreams opens up before us and we simply have to keep heading generally in that direction, whilst maintaining our balance.

We get better and better at it through practise: we get less caught up in the weighty importance of the sign itself, and more into the flow of what happens when we have a whole, felt sense of the sign and the context in which it comes to us – then we simply keep moving. In a way, it might be said to be more about not *not* following the signs.

video on following signs
podcast on sourcing, finding and fixing things

Download the podcast on Sourcing, Finding, Fixing Things

This is a podcast around where our things come from and go to – how we can be more conscious, connected, and in harmony with the whole darn dynamic. It’s accompanied by a short meditation, mentioned at the end of the podcast, on how to envisage this attuned relationship-with-all-things, as we take gentle steps out of consumerism and into freedom of abundance.

podcast on where our stuff comes from and goes to

Download the podcast on Where Does Our Stuff Come From And Go to

meditation on how we weave the world, and how the world weaves us

Download the meditation on How We Weave The World, And How The World Weaves Us


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